Is it advisable to do a matte painting of the car?

matte painting of the carMatte painting of the car is not fundamentally different from the usual glossy paint. But something is facilitated by the creation of this coverage: usually primer filler and a layer of paint, and on the top – clearcoat, which contains elements of matting – usually tiny silicate particles.

Optical properties of matte coatings can be changed by mechanical influences – such as under a car wash brushes or abrasive polishing – surface overwritten and becomes shiny.

For the regular care of a car with a matte finish it is recommended only manual cleaning with high-pressure washing or washing plant with textile cleaning material without wax treatment.

During upgrading of matting effect there is difficulty.
So at the moment there is no rational technology for easy upgrade and restore of the car matte painting and matting has a significant drawback.